Alan Horwitz, Founder and Chairman of Campus Apartments

In 1964, Alan Horwitz recognized an opportunity to help the University of Pennsylvania provide affordable student housing and thus began his odyssey of turning an observation into one of Philadelphia’s top real estate success stories.

Intrigued by a line outside the door of the off-campus housing office, Horwitz began purchasing properties around campus with the objective of offering quality residential housing to students, faculty and young professionals. His combination of business acumen and courage proved a successful formula, transforming the University City landscape property-by-property, block-by-block, improving aesthetics and services of buildings in and around the University.

Horwitz mastered the art of property finance and operations and was successful in growing
the business from a small entrepreneurial firm into the leading provider of housing in University City. Amassing key parcels throughout the area, Horwitz used his ability to effect change in the community and set a benchmark for quality development for others to follow. The results of his hard work
are evidenced in the growing recognition of University City as a highly desirable place
to live, work and play.